Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Mom will come soon.....I promise :-)

I was going to sit down and blog about a project I did today. I made a scrappy pillow to match my girl's quilt I just made. But, I've been pointed in another direction. Sometimes you just gotta roll with it.

Today I put my hummingbird feeder out full of nice fresh nectar. Within hours, I had my little visitors! I had no idea they were even in our area yet! Sneaky little rascals, traveling all the way here from Mexico and not even announcing their arrival! Maybe if they weren't hummingbirds I would have known. That's what dad would say. Maybe if they flew in shaking their tambourines and pounding drums I would have known. Oh, but wait, that's what the gypsy moths do. Nope, the little hummingbirds glide right in, quietly humming and looking no worse for the wear after their long journey. Amazing....but hungry!!

A blog friend told me she liked my Dad just by virtue of seeing his beautiful leather work and hearing the things I say. Well, it's no wonder. My dad is probably the most likable human being on the face of the planet. He'll say I shouldn't have said that. But, it's true. Humble, he is.

So, in honor of my hummingbirds arriving today I'd like to show you MY prized possession that Dad recently made for me.

Stunning! And apropos for today.....Happy Hummingbird Day!! So, if you saw the pictures of the purse he made for my sister, you'll recognize that we each got matching hummingbirds. That's so special to me!


So, there you have a little more about my Dad and his beautiful work!!

~~Happy Hummingbird Day~~

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