Monday, May 16, 2011

Trash toTreasure {Boxes}

I almost feel a little guilty about this project. Almost. A little.

My kids love treasure boxes. Both kids have different ideas for what they love to keep in them. And it changes from day to day. Sometimes it's rocks, other times it's silly bands, and the next day it will be Squinkies.

They've had these boxes for years now. One was a build-your-own craft from Home Depot and the other was a little trinket box they decorated at a Princess Camp they attended.

As you can see. They had fun with markers, stickers, gems, and glitter. But, the "pretty" factor??'s where my guilt creeps in. So, I asked them....."Would you mind if Mommy re-painted these and made them match your room?" They agreed.

Ahhhhhh! I LOVE how they look now! I chiseled off all the gems, peeled the stickers, and sanded the glue off. I removed the hinges from the two of them and primed them all. Then I used a white, glossy, spray paint. The purple and aqua paint for the hearts is interior paint samples we had left over from another project from their rooms, so it remains coordinating (and once again kept me from needing to buy anything for this).

The rosettes came from quilt scraps. I must say the quilt scraps have gone a LONG way! I should put together a post that encompasses all I've done with just scraps!

So pretty! And the girls both love the transformation!

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