Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring Nuggets

I finally got my own Limitless Label set from Papertrey Ink. I borrowed my friend's set last year when I made these. I was excited to get them working, so made up some nuggets for my kids' Spring party at school (I know you don't need to see any more Easter ideas, but imagine the other things you can do with these labels!)

If you've never seen these in action, let me tell you....the stamp fills the size of an address label perfectly. And as you can see from the image above, you can customize each stamp with a little sentiment or icon of your choice. I happened to order the labels from papertrey this time and I must say they are superior to ones you'd buy at an office store....just really sticky and wonderful.

And one address label wraps around a Hershey Nugget just right!

And there you have a cute little treat that's perfect for almost any occasion. I plan on making more for our swim instructors when this session is over.

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