Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bragging On My Dad

This is not my project. It's my Dad's. I'm so impressed and blown away by this talent that I have to share with you!

It's not that I'm surprised that such artistic talent could come from him. Not at all. He's talented in SOOOOO many ways; he's a singer, he's a writer, he's a guitar player, he's a jokester, and he can DO anything. But this particular talent has been hidden for many, many years....like from before I was born!

Apparently he got into leather working as a "young lad" and worked a couple purses, some belts, and maybe a wallet or two. I'm not sure what made him put it away....

So, now he's retired and something provoked him to take up his old hobby again. He made a wallet for my brother. He brought it to show me and I was floored. I oooooh'd and ahhhh'd and was so impressed! (he said oooooh'ing and ahhhhh'ing were a must, but it's not like it wouldn't just come naturally)

Then, he set to work on a purse for my sister. This piece of leather for the purse had been sitting in his basement for about 30 years! He worked it baby....oh yes he did! take a look:

Look at all that lacing! Look at all the detail in the flowers and leaves and the hummingbird!

These are not stamps, folks! He carves out these images. That's talent!

He even added her kids' names to the side panels (the letters are stamps, I think).

So, there you have it! Some amazing crafty art from my Dad. Any oooooh'ing and ahhhhh'ing you might have will be passed on to him :-)

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