Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Princess and the Polyester

This afternoon I put the finishing touches on Madison's quilt. It's on her bed and waiting for her return from school!

It's so bright and fun and girlie! I can't wait to move and get into a new house with new rooms to paint.....and coordinate everything around these quilts!!

This one took me several hours more to finish because I decided to sew the binding by hand. I did Paige's quilt binding on the sewing machine, without knowing how to do a blind hem, so it's not the best way to do it. This one, though, I did a blind hem by hand. Wow! That was HARD on my hands....and neck....and back! I give serious credit to those of you who quilt the whole thing by hand! In the end, it's a much prettier finished product and like my husband said last night as I was plucking away at it, "If it was easy, everyone would have quilts." Yup Yup.

How do you like the sheets I got to go with it? I had a heck of a time buying sheets. I could not find a suitable shade of blue (in a good quality sheet) to go with this quilt. I looked high and low. So, I settled on this set from Wal Mart even though they're cheapy. I figured a 6 year old would not be too particular about the quality of her sheets. I mean what does she know about cotton/polyester blends and thread counts?!


5 minutes after putting her to bed she comes out to tell us she can't sleep on her new sheets because her feet are a little clammy and they're sticking to her sheets! We sent her back to bed having her deal with it for goodness sakes!

The next night her feet were clean and not clammy (OMG!).....she still said she didn't like her new sheets.

I think we shall write a new children's book entitled The Princess and the Polyester. We have created a monster :-)

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