Monday, May 23, 2011

Meatless Monday! Pizza

Do you have a favorite homemade pizza recipe? Before now, if we were having pizza at home, I'd just buy a Boboli Pizza shell. But then my sister told me of this super easy food processor pizza dough and now I'm hooked!

This is the recipe from Cuisinart for the pizza dough.

But for the sauce, my sister told me to simply take a can of diced tomatoes (preferably with Italian seasoning already in, but just add them if you only have plain). Drain them into a colander and then smash them with a fork to make a nice, thick sauce.

Top with your other favorite cheese and ingredients and you have a delicious, FRESH, pizza!

I made two batches last week and split one amongst my kids and the other was for me and my husband. I partially baked the crusts on parchment paper before I loaded them with toppings and found it to be so easy to transfer into and out of the oven that way.


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