Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I have no clue how to photograph scrapbook pages. I can take a pretty decent picture. I can put together a pretty decent lay out. I cannot take a picture of it all coming together! I did my best. These are a few of my favorite lay outs from last weekend.


  1. Can I send you mine to finish? I'm WAY too far behind! ;-)

  2. Whoa, GIRL! You did a fine job! {But I know what you mean - they are just TOO big for the lens or something!} These are exquisite! You are QUITE the productive gal, I must say! THANKS, for the terrific inspiration!

  3. They look great!! Love the fall ones,great pics.

    Remind me on facebook about Fibers on Friday. I learned so much at my crochet night and realized I was knitting "wrong", twisting my stitches. Started another hat the "right" way and wow, so fast.

  4. I love the golden fall layout... pretty photos, clean simple layout... my favorite time of year...

  5. These are great! My favorite is the autumn splendor layout with the black and white photos :)


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