Thursday, November 11, 2010

These Boots

By Beth December 2002

These boots marched me through the paths of Ft. Leonard Wood as my voice grew hoarse bellowing cadence for the very first time.

These boots supported my stance in the foxhole as I shot my first target and was deemed "bunny hunter" by the Drill Sergeants.

The creases in the toes of these boots came from the training I received at Ft. Sam Houston. Only the boots of a medic know how it feels to crack under the pressure of helping a fellow soldier in need. "Conserve the fighting strength".

These boots waited patiently to be unpacked from my duffle at our very first assignment-Ft. Irwin, California. They left their print in the desert sands of the Mojave as the Mojave left a print on my heart.

I left rubber from the soles of these boots in Texas. That's the only part of my soul Ft. Hood can have!

These boots were on my feet as I stood before the TV in disbelief the morning of September 11th. They were willing to carry me wherever needed in support of my country.

I'm thankful these boots have never trudged through the horror of war and have never felt the heat of hostile desert sands.

These boots have supported the "kimchi squat" in the rice fields and training areas of South Korea.

These boots have traveled with me across America and across the globe. The layers of polish attest to my five years of experience. Just as my service has come to end, so has theirs. They will forever remain in my closet. A tribute to my service-


Some of the most important people in my life are soldiers or veterans. I have the pleasure of having lunch with two of them today; my husband and my Dad. As the years go by since the time I served, I find myself becoming more and more emotional on Veteran's Day. My head just shakes when I think of the sacrifices my friends (and their families) have made, and continue to make, for their country. So, on this Veteran's Day, my emotions run deep, my gratitude runs deep, and my pride runs deep. Thank you to soldiers, then and now, for all that you've done.

My Dad in Vietnam

My husband (right) in flight school 2001


  1. Wow--that was beautiful. Thank you so much for your service, and please thank your husband and dad for me as well. I appreciate the sacrifices they and your families have made for us!

    God bless you!

  2. Beth,
    I loved reading this. Love seeing thse photographs, getting to know a bit more about you and yours. Thanks for sharing. Happy Veterans Day to you and your family.

  3. My tears, my honor, my gratitude - to YOU, sweet friend. And to ALL service people, thank you for guarding the freedom by which I get to live each day.

    You ARE truly amazing!


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