Sunday, October 31, 2010

Freaky Little Stuffed Animals

My girls wanted handcrafted stuffed animals. I think they spotted a pattern for them in a JoAnn's circular. They asked if i could make a couple and I said sure, as soon as I bought a pattern (because I'm a by-the-book kinda girl....not just a wing-it kinda girl). So, we find ourselves in JoAnn's, I let them pick their fabric, and I find the pattern. I'm also buying fabric for the Halloween pillow cases and tote bags. This trip to beyond what I expected to pay for these little crafty items. But, we paid and walked out. When I got home, I glanced at the receipt and notice the stupid little pattern for the animals was $15.99!! WHAT??!! Oh, no! We are NOT keeping this.......

"I am breaking outta my mold and I'm making my own pattern for these creatures!" I declare.

So brave aren't I?

So, I traced my interpretation of a freaky little animal onto paper bags and got to cutting and sewing. And here's the result!

Definitely freaky. Definitely weird. Definitely cuddly. And apparently a couple little friends who've seen them want one for their own :-)


  1. I love them! I think you're onto something...time to sell them? I just bought a "how to sew" book, but if patterns are that expensive, I think I may give up on sewing before I start!

  2. Ha those are so cute! That's fun they got to pic out their fabric and everything. :)

  3. You don't need no stinking pattern! These are hilarious and lovable.

  4. They are adorable! Have you seen the ugly monster little stuffed friends. Yours remind me of them. Ruthie

  5. I think handmade patterns are so cute! Good job and thanks for linking to Fantabulous Friday!


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