Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Halloween Pillowcases

Now that I know how to do these awesome (easy!) pillowcases, I can't stop thinking of making them for every occasion! I went to the fabric store last week and bought fabric for two pillowcases AND two trick-or-treat bags. As I was having it all cut, the girl said, "this is cool, they can use the pillowcases until Halloween and then use them on trick-or-treat night."

Yes! Double Duty!!

No need to make separate bags for trick-or-treating when you have these awesome, festive, pillowcases to do the job! I suppose I'll save the rest of the fabric for a different project!

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  1. Very cute! I love holiday themed bedding.

  2. OHHH, I so want to learn how to sew. And if I keep following this blog, this will be a recurring comment!

  3. love the second one with the pink trim!

  4. Hi, sweetie pie! I've been LOST in all of the business of autumn - SURE have missed your creations and inspiration! These are HILARIOUS! So cute and crafty you are: I'm just dragging at the thought of putting our the Halloweenies this year! Ack! Thanks for the creative kick in the pants! I made some Halloween window treatments with an old {huge!} table cloth and I'm NOW looking forward to seeing them again! YOU are a delight! I love the new look of your bloggy spot!


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