Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More Capri Sun Projects

So, while I was playing around with Capri Sun pouches making this bag, I decided to throw together some notebooks, too. My kids LOVE having their own little note book/journal/sketch pad/diary.

These were so simple. Just a matter of punching some holes, sandwiching a few sheets of paper between, sewing up the sides with embroidery thread and adding some beads for extra bling! If you'd like to see a video demonstration, visit textiles 4 you on her YouTube Channel.

(I love their spelling. The picture on the left is of their trampoline. She spelled it "chraplen". Are my kids the only ones who hear a "ch" for "tr" and "dr" words?)

But then, my kids took it one step further. They created their own little wallets....a bi-fold...complete with teeeeeny tiiiiiiny I.D. card and a key....check them out:

They did this by cutting 2 inches off the bottom of the pouch and cutting up one side to make it open out. haha! Genius kids I have :-)

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