Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Collecting Bottle Caps

I re-publish this post every time I package up my bottle caps and send them off to Aveda as a reminder to everyone else who may have started doing the same thing and also to let the new followers of my blog know about this program.

In light of this recent article on NPR, I find it especially important to do our part in recycling as much plastic as possible.

So, please...read on and consider saving and recycling your bottle caps.

It was probably a year ago that I started saving bottle caps for a fundraiser. A friend was collecting them to fund a child's chemo treatment. The fundraiser finished, but I was unable to start throwing bottle caps away again. So, I continued to save them knowing I'd eventually come across another fundraiser or something.

Somewhere along the way I heard that Aveda (the beauty company) collects and recycles these bottle caps and turns them into their own shampoo/conditioner/beauty product bottles. I did an internet search and only came up with information about taking them to an Aveda store. I don't have an Aveda store, so I e-mailed them.

I was happy to get a prompt response telling me I can, in fact, send a box or bag full through the mail. Here's the response and the address:

Thank you for your interest in the “Recycle Caps with Aveda” Program. You may bring your caps in small amounts (1 shopping bag or 1 paper box) to any participating Aveda Experience Center (store) or send them in by mail to:

ACA Waste Services
40 Eads Street
West Babylon, NY 11704

Caps included in this collection are any plastic “twist on” caps. Some examples are; water bottles, soda bottles, laundry detergent bottles, ketchup bottles, and shampoo/ conditioner bottles. Caps that are NOT included are any metal caps and any “snap fit” plastic caps. Some examples of snap fit caps are; margarine and cottage cheese caps. Thank you for your help with the “Recycle Caps with Aveda” Program.

Have a great day!

Kendra Fleischer
Aveda Cap Collection Program

Isn't this GREAT? Won't you get yourself a cute little container and collect these bottle caps? I'm telling you I've collected at least 5 paper lunch bags full over the past year. It makes me feel good that they're not in a landfill. It's not that hard to keep a little collection and mail them in maybe twice a year.

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