Monday, November 14, 2011

Capri Sun Tote Bag

I'm so behind the times when it comes to crafting with Capri Suns! Wayyyyy back in 2004, before blogging and sharing all our crafty goodness, my friend and neighbor went crazy with capri suns! She made tote bags and beach bags and pencil bags. Everywhere she went people wanted to buy one....especially school kids!

I finally decided I wanted to do something "reusable" with them. So, I sat down with some Textiles 4 You and got to work on a zippered bag.

Nothing makes me happier than when I work on a craft like this and my kids want to snatch it and use it right away. And Paige claimed this one as her book bag:

The perfect was to re-use those pouches! We don't go through too many here at home, but when we do, they're really easy to just cut the bottom and pop them into the dishwasher....dry them....and save for a project like this. And when you're conducting some sort of group activity where the kids all have one to drink, what a perfect chance to take them all home and make a bag!!

I also think it's the perfect craft to stock pile. So when your kids' school is soliciting for craft fairs or fundraisers you can pull some out and donate or sell. Cool!Link

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