Thursday, October 20, 2011

Earring Holder

My girls got their ears pierced a couple of months ago. I think the reason they really wanted to do it was so they could have one of these cool earring holders! One of their little friends has one and they wanted one exactly like it!

We went to the thrift store and picked out some frames that could stand a coat of paint.

I removed the innards and got ready to staple in some mesh screen material. My husband had to buy some shorter'd think that this would maybe be a little CUE in my head to be careful where I stapled. But no! I stapled into the thinnest part of the frame, the staples pushed through and shattered the wood all to bits.

What's a crafter to do when their child is looking at them like, "I can't believe you just did that!"

Well, said crafter takes a look around the craft room and sees an embroidery hoop and thinks, "adapt and overcome!" version of the earring holder (it's probably been done....but I haven't seen it).

I took the hoop, pressed in the screen, and ran a nice ribbon around the perimeter. Then, tied a big bow on top. The frame holders came from IKEA, unpainted, so they got a nice coat of spray paint.

I liked this version better than where I was headed with the picture frame, but of course, one of my kids didn't. Paige said she loved this one, so it's hers. Madison wanted the original picture frame idea so Daddy got to work with the wood putty and another coat of paint.

Just like new!

We're now all set with two pretty earring holders!

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