Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Book Page Wreath

One of the very first things I pinned on Pinterest was the Book Page Wreath, from Vintage Violet Style. I kept my eye out for the perfect book to use and finally came upon one at a yard sale for 25 cents. I liked the book I chose because it was a little brown around the edges of the pages and there was that gold, shimmery, ink on the very edges of the pages. Perfect for this project!

So, the tutorial is very nicely laid out on the website I linked above. What I would emphasize is this:
  • on your first (outer row) do as they suggest and kind of place each page directly across from on another so that the whole foundation is pretty balanced and even.
  • the pages on that first foundation row do not have to be touching eachother. If there is a little space between them, it's good, because the row you do next will nestle nicely in between.
  • on the third (inner most) row, it got a little tricky. It started to get tight and they kind of wanted to start spiralling (sp?) around rather than fanning out like the 2 other rows. It's workable, but it just kind of caught me off guard so I wanted to make you aware if you choose to do this project.

I absolutely LOVE how this wreath looks hanging over my bed. I highly recommend this project if you're in need of covering a wall!

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