Monday, August 1, 2011

It's Monday, but not Meatless

I have to share this creation I made the other morning, although it's not meatless. It would be just as delicious as a vegetarian meal, so go ahead and try it for Meatless Monday sometime....I know I'll make it again!

I took two portabello mushroom caps and sauteed them for a few minutes with olive oil.
I had deli ham that was sliced a little thicker than I prefer for sandwiches, so I grilled up two slices.
I thickly sliced a nice, ripe tomato.
I scrambled 4 eggs.

Then I layered it all up on top of the mushrooms and topped with cheese and fresh parsley.

Wow! It was a delicious, satisfying breakfast. I can think of several other ways to make this meal; with feta and spinach, for example.....and more sauteed veggies mixed into the eggs. Yum!

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