Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fibers on Friday: My First Amigurumi

Hello friends! Happy Fibers on Friday! I'm glad you're here to join this party dedicated to knitting and crocheting! I had a BLAST this week working on my very first Amigurumi!! Thanks to Kathleen at A Surprise Every Time [..."and it's hard to say if they're happy, but they don't seem much to mind...."] for leading me in that direction!! Maybe someday I'll be as good as her, but NEVER in the story telling...she's a master! Plus, she's an Ani fan....I guess she just rocks my world :-)

I used this monster pattern from Crafty is Cool. It was fairly easy, but I'll admit I had a little trouble with the magic loop thingy to start. I've got it down now. I knit these pieces a little each night. My kids were so intrigued to find out what they'd end up being. But, I wouldn't tell them! So, last night I had a couple of tops and bottoms and the intention of finishing them today while they were at school. Well, I finished these guys, but not a fourth (to make it even for both kids), so they're still in the dark......hahahaha! I love the suspense!!

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