Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sprucing up the "Space"

Our house is on the market to be sold. Have I told you that? We are due for a military transfer this summer and we are hoping to move to Florida. I say "hoping"....really, I'd prefer not to ever leave here. We have been "home" here in NJ for 5 years. 5 glorious years of living near my family; my siblings, my parents, my nieces and nephews, and aunts and uncles. We have savored it thoroughly, but it's time to go. The thing about moving (when you HAVE to) is that one MUST wrap their head around it immediately or else wallow in misery. So, although I dread leaving here, I have already changed my way of thinking in to excitement. We've been moving around for 15 years, but this is the first time we're doing it with children who are old enough to understand what's happening. It's exciting and scary and sad. But it's taken me this long to put my finger on what happens when we're looking forward to something new....this place we are now just becomes stagnant...static. All our future plans or daydreams are not here right now. They're in Florida. It's hard to say that and hope the people we're leaving behind understand these conflicting emotions.

I didn't mean to go into all that....thanks for listening! lucky are we that we get to sell a house in this age of HGTV where everyone is brainwashed into thinking we can't have family photos or personal affects in our house while it's on the market? Not only that....but that ROOMS are not called ROOMS, but "SPACES"....argh, I can't stand that!

But, we complied. We took down all the pictures of our smiling happy faces so it would not deter the dreams of another happy faced family who needs to see themselves living here. And this is what we're left with:

Thankfully I saw this post by The Magic Onions and knew it would be perfect for this "space" hahaha! So enough ranting and's my craftiness to make things happy, but not personal!

No more blank walls where pictures should be! Nice, EASY, paper stars now hang in their place!

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