Monday, February 14, 2011

Meatless Monday! Suburban Organics

This was delivered TO MY DOOR:

A gorgeous box of ORGANIC produce. Have you ever heard of Suburban Organics? Years ago my Mom and Sister subscribed. I was envious because at the time I lived outside of their delivery zone. But, recently their delivery area grew and now encompasses all of NJ and some of the surrounding areas of Philadelphia.

So, I signed up and have gotten about three deliveries. Their produce is amazing! It's fresh, it's organic, it's grown locally (when possible) and it's delicious! If you live in their delivery area, I highly....HIGHLY...recommend giving them a try. There's no commitment....just great produce.

They put out a list of fruits and veggies for the week. You are allowed to substitute up to three items if there are things you don't like. You can choose the size of the box and how often you'd like delivery. These people are so flexible and nice. I had a question about my bill so I sent and email on Christmas Eve, totally not expecting a response until the following week. But, no, I got a response THAT NIGHT!

And this week they included cute little organic lolli pops for Valentine's Day. I LOVE this company!


  1. We have organic produce delivery over here in the UK too, and I LOVE IT! It also gives me the chance to try new and different veggies I might not buy at the store. Great post!

  2. Wish we had something like that - sounds great.

  3. This looks SO wholesome and wonderful! We DO have several services like this and THIS may be the year I get busy! Thanks for the excellent share, my dear!


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