Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fibers on Friday: A Sock!!

Welcome to Fibers on Friday, a day that we can all come together and parade our crochet and knitting projects! And more specifically this month, to participate in a sock challenge, Turning Heels in the New Year!

A sock! A sock! I have a sock that I love and can't wait to wear! This is a first....I love firsts! Thanks for taking this journey to sockhood with me, guys! My second one is on the needles, I've completed the ribbing and have about 2 inches of the leg knit. It's such slow going. I'm convinced the Continental method of knitting will help on future socks, I just wasn't ready to employ it now....would have had unequal socks, I'm sure.

Have you closed your toes? Did you have any problem with the Kitchener Stitch? It's a really nice seam, but I don't foresee myself memorizing the steps any time soon.

Last week I showed you my sweater, The Shalom, that I started. Thanks for all the lovely comments. Little did I know at the time, I was already pretty deep into a several row mess-up. Seems I don't read patterns very well, since I've already had to frog twice on this sweater! I had to rip out about 7 rows at that point because I was past the point of needing to start my increases. Then I got that worked out and was right at the point that I needed to increase once more and I messed up one row, so I frogged that. I need to pay more attention.

Next week we'll show our works in progress. In case you're deciding now to join this challenge, here was my proposed time line. You're not too late...especially if you're fast like Forward Tumble....that girl can put out some socks!

Here's where we are in our time line to knit a pair of socks by the end of January:
  • By Dec. 31st everyone needs to have gathered their supplies and checked their gauge.
  • January 7th we'll show off our cuffs and leg of the sock.
  • January 14th we'll show off our heels. Yes, Turning Heels in the New Year!
  • January 21st we should be done our gussetts and foot and be ready to close the toe.
  • January 28th we'll be well into our second sock and we'll display our works in progress.
  • By Feb 4th we should be able to take a picture of our feet adorned in TWO fabulous socks!!


  1. It's so good to be back! I missed being here last Friday. ;-)

  2. I have four hands, didn't you know? I knit one pair with one hand and the other with my other set, see my latest post? I'm really a monkey, that's the nice thing about the internets, nobody knows your face and can prejudice.


    I'm enjoying knitting this winter, I had other plans, I meant to learn basket weaving but somehow I think it will not come to that. Thank you for encouraging me to do this knitting business, Beth.


  3. I've promised myself I will start knitting socks once this sweater gets finished. Now I am obsessed with knitting it. Now I need to find time to knit. Argh! I dread schedule changes.

    Have a wonderful week!

  4. Nice sock! You're one up on me... I've started several socks but have yet to even finsih one.

  5. It looks great!!! I've started, and unraveled, and restarted my attempt at knitting a sock so many times now that I'm becoming depressed! Maybe I'l try it out with crocheting...I just can't get the hand of the needles!!

  6. I love that sock, too! The yarn is amazing, and it's beautifully made. :D

    And I'm sorry about all that frogging on the sweater. :( Multiple-frogging projects can be so disheartening.

  7. Welcome to the obsession that is sock knitting! For a first sock, yous looks amazing -

  8. I have posted about my finished sock this week. Notice the singular in the previous sentence. I need to knit another one now. I really love my sock technique though. I highly recommend it. Cat Bordhi rules!

  9. What pattern are you using for your sock? I, too, am working on my very first pair of socks and am in LOVE with them! The pattern I'm using has ribbed cuffs, but I like yours better!

  10. Wow Beth... your Fibers on Friday has really caught on!!! I'm proud of you cousin!

  11. I love that sock! I have never been afraid of the Kitchener but I hear others are. Be not afraid! It's only knitting. Do-overs are always an option. The sock knit along sounds like fun.

  12. Your sock looks awesome! Congrats.

  13. Wow, everyone! look at this party!! I'm so excited and thankful for your link-ups, support, feedback and dedication! Thank you!

    Courtney...welcome! will you link up your socks? the pattern I am using is called Silky Soft Socks by Premier Yarn. Found here on ravelry:

  14. Congratulations on your first sock :)

  15. Hey Beth! I sometimes test crochet patterns for SmoothFox. She's now doing knit patterns, too. I didn't know if you'd be interested in testing patterns for her, but here's some info if you are!
    Enjoy the weekend!

  16. Hello Beth! Love the sock. I made this crochet hat today for a friend and I linked it. Have a great week :)


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