Sunday, January 9, 2011

Domestic Diva

Have you seen these pattern kits for aprons? I bought this at JoAnn Fabric a few years ago intending to get together with my sister for a sewing day. Three years later and we haven't done it, so I sewed hers for Christmas and sewed mine the other day.

You get this big hunk of fabric with the pieces and instructions printed on it. You just need to cut out all the pieces and sew. Pretty cool.

And now I'm a Domestic Diva!


  1. Cute! I've only made aprons from scratch... no pattern but my own. That looks so cute and easy. Good job domestic diva!

  2. REALLY????????????????

    Such a thing exists????

    I received a sewing machine...brand new...for Christmas from my mother in law who is always my tailor. I'm terrified to use it.

    I wanted a pretty vintage apron...this is so a project I could maybe do with help of course.

    Thanks Beth.

  3. Cute cute!! I made something similar for my daughter for Hallowween - but the apron made a skeleton!

  4. I've always looked longingly at those kits in JoAnn's, they look so cute---and yours came out adorably! :D

  5. fun! I've always wanted to buy one of those kits....


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