Saturday, December 11, 2010

Simple Knitted Washcloth

Here is the washcloth I started last week. I used the pattern that came with the yarn, Sugar 'n Cream Twists. You can't see by the pictures, but there are rows of garter stitch throughout the washcloth.

Cast on 45 stitches using US Size 8 needles
Work 5 rows garter stitch.
Then work 4 rows stockinette.
Repeat 8 times.
Cast off.

I randomly changed from garter to stockinette whenever I felt like it and for however many rows I felt like. So, it's just random and I like it that way.

This was a nice, simple project to have going at the same time as a sweater. Easy to just pick up when I didn't have a lot of time or willingness to work on something important.


  1. I love it. I must post my first dishcloth for you to see...sad so sad. It looks like a loincloth.

  2. Somehow my washclothes look nothing like that. I guess mine should be veiwed as folk art/ modern art.... junk art? Like bonnie, my first one looks like a loincloth and the second one only slightly better (and waiting to be cast off as I can't remember how to finish a project!)

  3. I always admire that Sugar and Cream twist yarn in the craft store, and I love the way it worked up in your dishcloth! (And I agree that it's nice to have an easy project to pick up and just work on without having to think too much or consult a pattern. I'm thinking of starting a hat that fits that description soon.)

  4. How did you like working with the Sugar 'n Cream twist? It looks like such a different texture than their standard cottons. But they're so pretty! I love how it turned out.

  5. Mindy, it's actually just like the standard cotton Sugar and Cream. I LOVE the colors of this particular one. I also bought a solid color to make a washcloth with some new stitches. I was afraid the detail wouldn't show with the colorful yarn.


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