Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fibers on Friday: a4A Progress

The only thing I've worked on this week (as knitting goes) is my Steppe Ahead Sweater for Afghans for Afghans.

I'm still enjoying it, but I have to say the pattern gets kinda hectic at times. Nothing unmanageable, but hectic! I should have taken pictures of some of the jumbled mess I had going on, but here's the run-down:
  • 2 straight needles were acting as stitch holders for the live stitches for each front shoulder piece as I knitted the back.
  • 1 set of circular needles as I was knitting the back.
  • 1 length of cut yarn hanging off 1 straight needles to use for 3 needle bind off when ready
  • 1 entire ball of yarn hanging off the other needle ready for picking up and finishing the collar.
  • 1 entire ball of yarn as working yarn for the back.
Wow! Gobbly-goop! It all works out, it's just crazy. And I'm lucky to have accumulated all those needles and had them handy.

So, what was new? What have I learned? 'Cuz we all know, if we're not learnin' we're burnin':

The three needle bind off!

I was quite intimidated by this process, but I watched a video on youtube and then got to it. And it was easy! I mean aside from adding 2 more needles to the gobbly-goop! And it created the most astoundingly beautiful seam! Look


  1. This is incredible! How do you keep track of it all? It is turning out beautifully!

  2. Love the sweater progress!

    No knitting from me this week!

    Popped in to see what everyone else was up too!

  3. That seems soooo complicated. But it sure looks good.

  4. I am absolutely in love with that color! Please let me know the colorway and the brand of yarn. I also think it's pretty awesome that your holiday knitting is charity knitting instead of gifts for friends and family. Well done!

  5. That sweater sounds incredibly hectic, but you seem to be managing it well, it looks lovely! The colour is one of my favourites, and that seam in the last photo really is a thing of beauty, it's so neat and pretty.


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