Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fibers on Friday: Turning Heels Challenge Starts NOW

Are you ready for this? Have you gotten your supplies and checked your gauge? Are you ready to


I am! I spent the week finishing the sweater for Afghans for Afghans. I'm proud to report that this is my second sweater I've knit and donated to the cause. It feels good. Do what feels good! Take a look at my sweater, if you will, and also hop on over and read about the cause. Depending on how this sock challenge goes, we can do a charity challenge in the future!

I had to knit 3....count them THREE swatches in preparation for socks. My gauge was just too big, so I'm ending up with size 0 needles, something I was really hoping to avoid. Oh well. And want to hear what else? I'm using a yarn that I had in my skein...and I have no idea what it is! So, stay tuned for the debacle that's sure to ensue when I run out of yarn!

So, I cast on last night and took some pictures along the way just to sort of guide those of you who have never cast on the double pointed needles for knitting in the round. This is what we need to start now so that next week we can link our cuffs and the leg of our sock. If you'd like to read my proposed time line for this challenge, please read here.

Cast on 64 stitches on to one of the needles

Divide the stitches onto 3 needles as outlined in the pattern; 16....32....16

Now, join in the round. I do this by slipping one stitch from the left needle over to the right needle. Then, I slip the second stitch that's on that right needle over to the left needle. You're just criss crossing stitches and that secures the work and you're ready to start knitting the cuff.

Ines, over at Forward Tumble, wrote a detailed tutorial on casting on and knitting socks, complete with tons of pictures for those of us who need a visual.

Make sure your stitches are not twisted before you start knitting!
Make sure you're knitting in the direction you're suppose to be! I've been known to put down my knitting and when I pick it back up, I've gotten it backwards so I'll actually be purling where I should be knitting.

Knit the cuff in knit 2, purl 2 ribbing. Come back next week to show us what you've got! I can't wait to see who's participating. Got questions? Need help? Post a comment and I know you'll get help from me or someone else!


  1. The sweater looks great. I bought 4 skeins if sock yarn this week. I need to do a gage swatch and find the pattern that I want to use. I'm nervous, since I haven't ever needed to worry about gage for sizing in the past.

  2. nice sweater. I'm interested to see how the sock challenge goes. I am too afraid to knit, so I will watch and stick to my crochet.

  3. There are patterns for crochet socks.

    I just started my first sock tonight. It looks like gage for me is 3.25 mm / 3 US. I'm only a few rows into the ribbing right now.

  4. I don't think I'm ready for socks yet, but thanks for the invite to your linky party! Great sweater, too!

  5. Hi everyone! I've posted a how-to on sock knitting for the challenge. Have a look!

    happy knitting you can do it, yeah!

    I won't start until the second because we're busy with the New year festivities... happy New Yeare Eve to you all.

  6. Good luck with your socks, I've done a few pairs and they are not as hard as they look. From the stuff I've seen you do, you will be able to pick it up without a problem.
    Although, I usually don't use double pointed needles until the very end, I find them cumbersome, all the little needle ends... I like the short circular needles (I think they are 11in long and size 2 for my pattern)
    I do want to join your project links. I just need to take the time and create a blog to do so. - Ruthie

  7. Thanks for linking up with Sassy Sites-Free For ALL Friday! I just posted my new party for the month of January... Operation Organization. Come by and check it out! Happy New Year! xoxo

  8. Hi Beth, the scrubbies do not lay completely flat. I would say that they are kind of puffy. I double the pattern to get a good size. I followed the pattern exactly once, and it was really small. The pattern makes them the size for a face scrubber, but by doubling the size they become perfect for house cleaning.

    Thank you for all of your nice comments :)

    I'm about 3.5" into my sock. I need to knit 8" before I can move on to the next part of the pattern.

  9. You could add a little stick to the bottom of the scrubby and turn it into a lollipop. I love using the self striping yarn with it, since it really shows off the swirl.

    I tried knitting continental on a scarf. I could do it, but it took me twice as long to do. Plus my edges were terrible. I realize that I am quicker with the English style. Maybe its also because I'm left handed and its harder to find good left handed tutorials. That being said, I still want to get better at it because as we get older, Continental is better for our hands.

  10. Good luck with socknitting! It's addicting, though!

  11. After your comment, I realized that I needed to clarify what was going on in my car picture. I was waiting for my son to get out of school. Can you imagine driving while knitting with sock yarn on dpns? It sure beats the time I saw someone driving while cutting their toe nails. OMG! I love that we are working on our heels at the same time. I can't wait to see a picture of your sock.


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