Saturday, December 18, 2010

Save Those Christmas Cards!

What do you do with all the Christmas cards you get in the mail? Do you drop them into recycling? Save the photo ones for posterity? Well, for 3 years now (maybe more) I've been saving my cards and using them the following year for gift tags. I took some pictures the other day of the cards from last year that I've been saving right in with my wrapping paper.

I just cut the cute little snow bird out of the card and it's the PERFECT gift tag!

A lot of the cards have lots of space with no writing, but sparkly little decorations that are perfect for tags.

You'll end up with some big tags, some little ones, and some you can even keep the sentiment.

I'm thinking it would be even cuter to cut some shapes out with a scrapbooking punch (scalloped?) or you could use a hole punch and attach the tags to the gifts with ribbon, or you could even run these small tags through a sticker maker and turn them into sticky tags!

I probably won't even need to buy tags this year. Which is great because I'm attempting to really reduce the amount of packaging all together this Christmas....and I have a nice little stash of random boxes and containers that I've been saving all year for such an endeavor! More on that later.

So there you have a little idea for re-using a little before you recycle!


  1. Cool idea. I also saw the suggestion of using them to make paper garland with a round hole punch and thread.

  2. I have made placemats out of my old cards :

    You can also modge podge them onto wood pieces and make Christmas ornaments out of them.

  3. Great idea! For our school store someone made a bunch of origami boxes out of Christmas cards that were really cool too. I've noticed that most people are using photo cards these days though...what to do with those?

  4. Taya,

    I saw a cute idea for photo cards; have them laminated and bound with the year on the cover. Keep them with your Christmas stuff. It's a fun walk down memory lane year after year looking at photos....see how kids have grown, etc.

  5. What a great idea...I think I 'll try it this coming year.

  6. Great idea! I can add these to my eco-friendly wrapping next year!

  7. We do the same thing but don't even bother to cut them into tag shapes. I just slap the whole card on the front of the package (sometimes I'll trim the edges in a squiggle pattern or something) and write the names in whatever blank space there is. Green idea! :)

  8. hi!! i love cute and resourceful.

  9. Great idea! I have stacks and stacks of old Christmas cards that need a project like this!

  10. Such a cute and *thrifty* idea. I love the look. Thanks!! :-)


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