Sunday, September 5, 2010

Meatless Monday! Pretty Peppers and WMD's

Time to do something with these beautiful little peppers from my garden. They are Chinese Five Color peppers. But my Dad calls them Weapons of Mass Destruction!

They're sooooo purdy! But they're soooooo HOT! I merely licked one and my mouth was on fire! But it occurred to me that perhaps I could use them in small doses and maybe they'd be edible. So, I tried it in this pepper jelly recipe.

I finely chopped some red, orange, and yellow peppers. The recipe only calls for red and green, but this works.

Glove up, Buttercup! You do NOT want to take your contacts out later after handling these babies with bare hands. Not that I would know or anything.........
Lots of stirring and lots of sugar......'ve got yourself some delicious pepper jelly that has the perfect amount of heat and the perfect amount of sweetness. Grab yourself a brick of cream cheese, pour this over the top, and spread on crackers! You've puttin'near got yourself a meal for Meatless Monday!


  1. Goodness, gracious - you are a brave girl! I'm going to have to check out this recipe - we have a bunch of these right now! Last year I waited too long and everything deflated! Either way, these little gems photograph BEAUTIFULLY! Thanks for SHARING, sweet one!

  2. oh how wonderful! You must have had loads of peppers to make 6 jars! Nice well done on the gardening and on the jelly, I'd love to try it. Sounds scrumptious.



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