Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fibers on Friday: A Fitting

I'm very excited about the links we got last week! I really enjoy getting knitting inspiration through this blog. I know it's a very specific blog party, as opposed to crafting in general, but little by little we'll get a good group going. It would really help if you posted my button if you're linking a project so that your followers who happen to knit or crochet will also be prompted to share their projects.

So, here is the progress I've made on my February Lady Sweater. It's exciting to be able to try it on and know I only have a couple more inches of pattern work before I complete the ribbing and move onto the sleeves.

The sleeves in the pattern are 3/4 length, but I think I'll make mine full length. I have freakishly long arms, so I always feel if I'm wearing 3/4 length it just looks like it's a sleeve that doesn't fit :-) My sister gave me a t-shirt that says "World's Greatest knuckle Dragger".....yup, that's me!

note to self; do some push-ups

So, let's do it! grab my button and link your projects. I can't wait to see them!


  1. Wish I was in the club, but I do SO love your work! This is looking SO lovely! Bravo, to YOU, sweet Bethy! You are on a ROLL!!!

  2. Your sweater is really coming along. It looks great! Again I have made more than I am linking, but again they are Christmas presents. I'll be posting your button on ravelry so that you might get more people joining in :)

  3. This sweater is gorgeous. I love the color too.

  4. Thanks for being a part of the Sassy Sites blog hop! I love your blog! Happy Friday! xoxo

    Marni @ Sassy Sites

  5. Your sweater is looking lovely.

  6. New follower here stopping by from SassySites Blog Hop today :-) Look forward to getting to know you! Hop on over and check out our blog! We look forward to seeing you!

    Carrie A Groff

  7. Hi...I wanted to thank you for inviting me to the knitting link up. I am a day late...sorry! I am off to check out the other links and some more of your blog!

  8. Hi! Thanks for popping by my blog and letting me know about Fibers on Fridays. I will most definitely make it my second linky ever!!


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