Friday, August 13, 2010

Fibers on Friday

Hi there, happy knitters and crocheters! You guys totally made my day(s) last week with three submissions! Before you know it, we'll have our own little carnival to share and encourage one another with our projects! Spread the word if you have friends who might like to share, too.

I worked on my sweater for a couple hours this week, but the visible progress is not very evident, so I'm not posting another picture. It looks the same as last week despite the time I've put into it. Once I get down to dividing for the arm holes, it'll get exciting....whhoooooohoooooo!

I'm trying a new linky. Hopefully this one will be a little more appealing and user friendly. I like to see thumbnails right away. Show us what ya got!

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  1. I worked on the wash cloth a bit more this week, maybe adding 10 rows. Still square! Fewer holes!


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