Friday, August 20, 2010

Fibers on Friday: February Lady Progress

I worked as much as I could in order to have a picture showing progress for you guys! I'm just about to the point of separating for the arm holes. I just today took some time to get started on the gull lace pattern. I messed up the first few stitches, but luckily I found my error and had time to correct.

I completed three button holes!

I had to take the entire sweater off the needles to try it on for size. You'll see it wasn't quite meeting under my arms, so the instructions say to keep knitting. I did 2 more rows.

It's not just mindless knitting at this point, so it's not really fun to be working on when my kids are awake and talking and needing and talking. So, I'm gonna stop for today so there's no grumpiness knit into it :-)

What have you been happily knitting? Do share!


  1. Your sweater is looking good!

    I'm still slowly adding rows to the washcloth. Fewer holes, one straight edge, one not so straight edge... but I enjoy knitting all the same! Three rows here, one row there.

  2. I envy you for taking on such a big project. I'm thinking of making my first sweater soon, but it is a mini sweater. I've been very busy this week crocheting things for my toddler. I made one large thing, but I can't show it until December, because it is a secret present. Thank you for having a link party :)


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