Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Card?!

I've been soooo neglecting my paper crafting! I'm very behind in scrapbooking, which includes MAJOR events that need to be learning to ride bikes without training wheels, field day, pre-school graduation, and our trip to Disney! Yikes....I need another weekend devoted to scrapping....and quick!

It's my niece's birthday party this weekend, so I took the opportunity to make some girly cards based upon this week's CPS challenge. Here's the sketch:

And here's my take:

Ever since she could talk, she'd say "Happy Day" instead of "Happy Birthday"...although when I wished her a "Happy Day" on her actual birthday, she corrected me by saying, "Happy BIRTHday, Aunt Beff." Kids!

For those of you who started following my blog because of paper crafting, thanks for humoring me with all the other stuff, too!


  1. First, I'll say, I just love your blog, period. Second, I have to say, GREAT to see you get some paper craft ON! Third, I'll just say, I adore you and ALL that you post, cause it seems to be YOU! And that is a treasure to me, no matter WHAT material you are playing with! So there! :o)

  2. Let's get scrappy soon! And Elise, just reading your comment makes me want to get my blog on again! Maybe one day!


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