Thursday, July 1, 2010

Random Garden Stuff

The other day I had to harvest my beets. I planted 4 squares in my square foot garden with 16 beets in each. Early on in the season, though, something dug them up. So, I salvaged what I could at the time. Then recently, the leaves started being eaten by something. I really wanted to wait to harvest until they were all nice and big, but I feared I would lose the whole crop. I found white caterpillars as I was harvesting. I'm pretty sure they were Salt Marsh Caterpillars. Anyway, here's one of my Bull's Blood beautiful!

Also, my favorite thing growing right now are my Dragon Tongue Bush Beans. Look at these awesome things!

My yard is swarming with dragon flies. Like I've never seen! I searched to see if/how dragon flies were beneficial to my garden. They eat pests, like mosquitos, gnats, and green heads. Our mosquito population is as small as I've ever had it here. It's really quite pleasant to sit outside. The green heads, on the other hand, are the WORST we've ever had. I guess the dragon flies are too busy munching on mosquitos to keep up with the green heads.

The method of square foot gardening has us training our tomatoes to grow up trellis. I mentioned to Bruce that I needed to find tomato netting, but that I was having a hard time finding it. He asked me what I needed, the dimensions, and the material. Then he got to work tying knots!

Do I have THE BEST husband or what? He made two nets measuring 4' X 6'. Can you believe that his training in the Army SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape) School enabled him to throw a tomato net together? He astounds me.....every day.

So, that's what's happening in my back yard lately. I hope you're having a lovely week!


  1. both Jason and I are pretty impressed by Bruce's handy work! Oh, and your produce is pretty amazing too!

  2. You are SO cute! I SO appreciate your ASTOUNDING photography and delightful sharing and insight into how you make this planet a little better with all of your amazing projects and discoveries! Yeah, to the darling husband in your life - he's a doll! {And you SO deserve all that!} Have a delightful 4th! xoxoxo!


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