Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday : Roger

***I can't help it! I have to be wordful on this one! I really had no idea what I was going to post for this Wordless Wednesday. But, then first thing this morning, I was reading my friend's blog in which she spontaneously burst into song. Judging by my pictures, you can probably guess the song that inspired this post. Right? Here's my rendition:

"And I've been to the desert on a........

Yup, that's my husband on a camel in Abu Dabi, UAE back in '05. Click here for more WW posts!


  1. OH wow, your always full of surprises. NOt sure if you'd get me on a camel...ewwww

  2. Oh, sweet lil' Beth! This IS hilarious! First of all, your site opens and that picture reveals itself, and I'm thinkin' "oh, please, don't let this be a WORDLESS post! I have to know WHO'S riding that camel!?!" And then I'm thinking, "gee, she knows someone else who "sings" in blog posts... THEN, I read your actual comments and TA DA! It WAS me! hee hee Well, I'm so glad we were joined up on image and song and humor ~ just goes to show you, we WOULD be "dangerous" friends IRL! tee hee GREAT PHOTOS! Priceless, even!

  3. I have a pic of hubby next to a camel during his military days too!


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