Saturday, November 7, 2009

For the Better Good

While I was blog hopping through the CPS card entries, I read about a good deed being done in support of a little girl who has suffered a horrendous crime and loss (on this blog). In order to brighten her day, there are several blogs dedicated to raising awareness of her story and violence in general. People are uniting and sending cards to help her through this time. Here's a snip-it of the story:

"On October 4th, 4 teenagers armed with knives broke into a home in a small town in New Hampshire. Alone and sleeping inside were a mother and her 11 year old daughter. These 4 boys broke into this home with the intent to rob and kill anyone inside. They stabbed the mom, Kimberly Cates, to death and left her daughter, Jaimie, for dead in their driveway. It was a completely random act, their home was chosen only due to its secluded surroundings."

So, I'm sending a card and I encourage you to do the same! It just feels good. Here's the info:

This is the card I sent. On the inside, I wrote, "Who's thinking of you? WE ARE!........"


  1. that is so sad and so sweet. what a great cause and a good example of what a kind word can do!

  2. That is a very sad and tragic story. I don't understand our world sometimes. Your card is very sweet and I'm sure she will feel the love pouring in as the cards arrive.


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