Monday, November 23, 2009

I Heart Faces: Sun Glare

Oh I love these challenges! For two weeks now I've known that this challenge for capturing a photo with sun glare was coming up. One day I was at the park and had an opportunity to get a picture of one of my girls with the sun behind her. I did. I got it. BUT, I had the UV filter on my lens and so the whole picture is just washed out, with a few distinct sun rays.

So last night I had another chance while our kids played with friends in a leaf pile. I got a few good ones of the sun, but narrowing down the best one that included a face was hard. It was definitely a learning experience (which is why I love these challenges). I noticed what was happening to my camera as it metered different areas; meter the sun and the kids turned out dark. Meter the kids and it made the picture look like it was taken in the daylight, not dusk.

I also learned that a little spot on the lens will pick up the glare and leave every picture with a little alien spot floating here and there......ooops, time to clean that puppy!

So, that's what it's all about, right? Learning! This may not be a stellar photo, but I captured the rays of sun....and a cute little one playing in a pile of leaves!

Check out more sun glare by clicking the button below


  1. Love the orangey glow of the sun in the trees. Beautiful!

  2. That is sweet. I love this picture!

  3. You are SO right about the metering! You did a good job catching it though! It's just LOVELY!!

  4. What a perfect fall picture too!

  5. I love this one because you captured the fall sun glow perfectly!


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