Monday, May 14, 2012

A Thneed's a Fine Something that Everyone Needs

I showed you some of my creations for the Lorax Themed Birthday Party here.

I wanted to show you the Thneeds I made! I wanted to play on the "sack race" game at kids' parties, but in keeping with the Lorax, I came up with Thneed Races! It was so much fun!

I bought 4 yards of CHEAP knit fabric, folded it in half and laid a tight fitting outfit my kids wear to use as a pattern on top.

You'll recall from the story, Thneeds are pretty wonky and haphazard, so I cut mine out with 4 arms and just left the bottom as a tight fitting skirt kind of.

I simply sewed all around the Thneed, leaving the head and bottom open, but not intended for the arms to really be used as sleeves since the kids would just be squeezed into it without the use of their arms (more on this later....)

I made two thneeds so we could have races in pairs. It was quite fun, but a tad dangerous!! The kids had quite a few episodes of falling right on their face! You see, with sack races, at least they're holding on to the top of the sack, and if they fall, they can at least let go and catch themselves. With, they couldn't break their fall. So, perhaps there would be a safer way....or perhaps these kids were just crazy competitive and should have slowed down.

You be the judge :-)

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