Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fibers on Friday: Freezer Paper Stencil Method

I needed to make a special new baby and special little onsie to honor his special big brother :-) I knew nothing store bought would cut it, so I looked around at how people do stenciling with freezer paper onto fabric. Here goes:

You'll need freezer paper. Not waxed paper and not parchment paper. you'll need some fabric paint and a sponge brush.

I used my Cricut to cut out the words and little stars. This required the LOWEST speed and the LOWEST pressure.

Then you iron the images onto the fabric, tacky side down (make sure you've cut the images with the tacky side down).

Then paint! As you can see I was using a dark fabric and I wanted the red to be bright and vibrant. So, I needed to apply 3 coats all together, letting them dry in between.

And that did the trick. It turned out just as I had hoped....even better!

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