Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lorax Birthday Party: Part One

We've always loved the story of the Lorax. After seeing the movie in the theater, all these ideas came crashing to me for a Lorax Themed Birthday party. I mean, the possibilities!!! My first bout of inspiration came from the Truffula Trees. I knew I wanted to make Truffula Tree Cake Pops. A quick search led me to Bakerella (of course) and here's how I did:

I had some on display and others were used on the cake (which I bought! Gasp!!)

I had no problems with the cake pops whatsoever! Some people complain of the the coating cracking...or the pops get too heavy and slide down the stick...so, here's what I did that may have aided my success:

  • After the cake was baked and crumbled, I only added about 3/4 of a can of frosting.
  • I only refrigerated the pops for about 15 minutes prior to dipping the the candy coating.
  • I dipped the stick in a little of the coating before sticking it into the cake ball. Some will squeeze out the bottom, but once it hardens, it forms kind of a little stopper so the cake ball won't fall down the stick. I used the colorful candy wafers found at most craft stores and just warmed them in coffee cups in the microwave until it was good for dipping.
  • I did not refrigerate at all after dipping the pops and forming them into Truffula Trees. I just stuck them into some styrofoam and they were happy over night and did not crack, did not slide, and did not get wet or sticky.

Next up...Truffula Tree Decor:

I got this idea from here. The idea is to form truffula trees by putting some feather boas onto a cardboard circle. What really helped with this is the use of my scrapbooking stapler because it has a really long neck to reach into the center of the cardboard. These boas I got from Hobby Lobby and they are just perfect colors!!

Bruce made some stands for them by cutting up some scrap lumber he had.

Stay tuned for how I made Thneeds for Thneed races, how we put together a Whisper-ma-Phone, and a cute little party favor......

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