Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fibers on Friday: Seeing Stars

And more on the potholderpalooza front!! I made these two pot holders this week. Along with finishing up the turtle I showed you last week. But, I still need to finish the hat, so I'll show you the whole thing entirely next week!

Not sure if I mentioned here or not that I'm moving. Again. 9 months after moving here in the first place. It's crazy!! Our landlord sold our house, so we gotz to go. Fortunately we found another rental a few doors down, so we're gradually shifting our stuff up the road.

There are many pros and cons to this move. Not the least of which is my anguish over having to leave my newly planted garden! but, I'll try to work out a co-op situation with the new owners!! that would be a TRIP@!

But, one good thing is a huge wall in the kitchen that is screaming for a potholder collection!! So, I'm going to be good to go with this little artistic display of potholders!!

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