Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Fail? A Work in progress? To Be Continued?

I've been wanting to make my own hand soap pumps for a little while now. You's all the craze, turning a mason jar in to a soap jar. I love the idea. I didn't want to use plastic pumps, though. So, when I saw good quality, METAL, pumps advertised in last month's Organic Gardening magazine I knew I was ready for a project.

I ordered the pumps from I already have tons of mason jars.

Then.....oh then....Pinterest got the best of me. I saw an idea for turning a bar of soap into liquid handsoap. I got excited because I have lots of bars of soap from Goat Milk Soapers, but I'd rather it be liquid soap. So.....I got to cookin'.

Ugh! It's been 24 hours and this is the gobbly goopy mess I have right now! I've read through the comments on the soapdelinews site, because lots of people had to tweek their recipes. Originally my batch turned out too runny, so I added a tad more glycerin.

That didn't work.

I used an immersion blender to whip it up.

That didn't work, just made it milky in color with all the extra air.

I added a salt water mixture. This step thickened it up, but it's still pretty gloppy and yuck as you can see.

Has anyone ever done this? Do you have any advice?

I'm going to keep working it because I'd really love to figure it out...fill my beautiful pumps (which I'll show you later) with lovely soap that's not laden with chemicals, and eliminate all that plastic from store bought soaps. I'll keep you posted!

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