Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kids' Activity Book

I saw this idea for a Dry Erase Activity Book on Somewhat Simple. I bookmarked it. Then the other day I was driving to Target to frantically choose a toy off the toy shelves for a birthday party gift that I totally forgot about. Fortunately, the planets aligned on my way and I was struck with a vision of these activity books and knew they'd be perfect for a birthday gift. So, I changed my plan; I went to Costco instead. I bought a 6 pack of three-ring binders and document protectors. Then I went to Staples for pencil pouches and markers. Then I went HOME to my beautiful stash of scrapbook paper!

I have at least 5 birthdays for which I plant to use these as gifts. They are SO adorable, useful, personal, ever-changeable, and FUN!

I used some of the pages from Steph at Somewhat Simple, but I also used some from this site. I love how it can be customized for the age of the kid you're making this for.

I put washable markers and wipes into the pouch for the birthday girl. That way it will all be accessible to her when she wants it. At one point in time I found washable dry erase markers at Wal Mart, but haven't been able to find them again. I just don't trust my kids with non-washable markers :-)

What I learned: Because I put the pencil pouch in the front of the book, having activity sheets on the fronts AND backs of the pages really doesn't work. The pouch would make it too lumpy for the kid to work on the back pages. So, I changed it and put all activity sheets on the fronts only, so they always have a flat surface to work on.

I simple ADORE this project!

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  1. YOU are such a QT! This is DARLING, functional and unforgettable on SO many levels! What a fantastic gift, project and triumph over the ever perplexing conundrum of birthday party GIFTING! So awesome! You rock, sweet Bethy! YEE HAW!

  2. Great idea! I'm going to try to put some together for my kids for long road trip.

    Saw your link on Blue Cricket Design.


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