Saturday, April 17, 2010

Another Skirt for Me

I had a pair of capris that I really didn't love. I also had this tee shirt from my husband which didn't fit him right, but is a good color and also had a nice image on it.

I cut the inseam of the jeans as I've done on the other jean skirt posts. Added the tee shirt fabric panels and it's wearable. But, I cut out the image of the Eagle with the faux stitching and I want to do something with it. Should I add it to the skirt? Should I embellish a shirt with it? If I put it on the skirt, would you go with front/back/side?

Using capris for this project is so awesome because they're already hemmed at a great skirt length. Adding a tee shirt is great, because you can line up the bottom hem of the shirt to the bottom of the skirt and there's no hemming needed at all. Very easy.


  1. The skirt could use some embellishment, not too much but a little something. Kind of overlapping the jean and t-shirt, aysmyetrically placed.

  2. *Gasp!*

    Genius, pure genius! I agree with Amy, the skirt could use a little embellishment.. But what if you took the original design from hubby's t-shirt and sewed it to a t-shirt/sweat shirt that you liked and you could wear the outfit together! Then, maybe you could use some faux rhinestones or rivets, to make the swirly pattern, elsewhere on the skirt to compliment the design from the original?

    Either way, YOU ARE FANTASTIC! {Nothing wrong with keeping it as is, but OH, the possibility!}


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