Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Goodies

When it came time to decorate for Easter, I found I only had two (lame) things to put out. So, I was on a mission to add to my Easter decor.

This Gum Drop Wreath I saw on A Pretty Cool Life, was right up my alley because it looked like a kid friendly project.

I followed her directions, except I used an 8" wreath because that's all I could find and I think it's good. Hot glued the gumdrops on. I hung it by a wire, but covered it with the nice ribbon. LOVE it!!!


  1. Lovely! Wish I'd seen it sooner, I would've had to make one!

  2. My children would be eating it..glue and all. But darn it's cute!

  3. i love your wreath! thanks for linking up!


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