Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Treasure Box Project

This adorable little craft idea was featured in this month's Family Fun Magazine; 3 Things to do with a paper towel roll. I knew I wanted to do this with my kids, because they both have such a huge collection of little trinkets that I am constantly resisting the urge to throw away! I thought I could make this, attach it to their wall, and I'll have a place to throw these things they can store their little treasures. I mean, honestly, how does my four year old keep track of a teeny tiny key to her jewelry box? I don't know, but it's always around!

So, it occured to me, we could make this project, not with plain ol' brown paper rolls, but with colorful, bright, vibrant cardstock!

Like the tattoo? It's Fire Prevention week, be a Hero.

The storage possibilities are endless; pencils? barretts? petit fours?

The girls loved doing this project. I wasn't fanatical about making it perfect, they rolled the paper and taped them. They "decorated" their shoe boxes. The whole time we worked on them, they said, "This is awesome project,'s so much prettier than the plain brown ones in the picture." "This is soooooo much fun"!

Madison went on to make a little cavern for her Ariel figure! Paper crafting at its finest!

Anyway....have at it! Grab a shoe box, cut some paper to size, and make a treasure box for your little treasure hunters!


  1. Very cute! I might have to try it!

  2. YOU and your crafty-craft ideas just floor me! I think you are a ROCK star mom, if ever there was one! Thanks for sharing this super cool idea, Beth! Yipee!


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