Sunday, October 11, 2009

Apple Butter!

Ahhhh, the 24 hour Apple butter project!

We were supposed to go apple picking last weekend, but the orchard we wanted to visit was already picked over! I had almost given up on making apple butter this year, but decided at the last minute to buy apples from my local farm stand and get to work. Look at these beauts:

I used 7 varieties: Gala
Wine Sap
Red Delicious

I cooked them down and put then through the newly purchased food mill ($50....ouch!)

This is what 15 pounds of apples yields:

I put the apple suace in the crockpot to cook over night. This recipe comes from She says to cook it all night and it should reduce by half. Well, mine barely reduced at all, so I switched it over to the stove top in the morning.

I let it cook down for several hours and then got to canning.

And now, after learning the art of canning over the summer, this is what I have in my pantry:

" were stockpiling canned goods, making a bomb shelter of our basement. And I can't believe you let the moral go by as you were soaking in the product placement."

Sorry, I can apply a lyric to almost every move I make in the day. And it's almost always Ani. This is what I was thinking as I took a picture of my pantry :-)


  1. What FUN! "Ain't nothing better than Apples!" {That's this ratty, but wonderful, poster that hangs in my (100 year old kitchen) that I purchased from a local apple farm when I was in COLLEGE! So nostalgic, and so are you! You are a renaissance woman! Such a gift to your family and friends! Good job, sweet Beth! Clearly, this was worth the effort! Yumm!

  2. Yummy! Let me just drop a not so subtle hint - I want some of your canned goodies for Christmas!!!

  3. Amy! LOL ! Strange you would wait till Christmas, don't you celebrate Thanksgiving?!? But yes, it would be nice to taste such delicious looking goodies... and I can see some of those jars have names on them... :-P


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