Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Super Simple CPS card, Thank You Berry Much.

I'm skipping my work-out this morning so I can catch up on computer stuff. Terrible, huh? I had a million pictures to upload and order prints from. I have to journal about the girls' Birthday and Mother's Day. And I HAVE to post a card for this challenge.

There is really nothing to this card, but I love the simplicity and summer colors (click to enlarge):

The stamps and red cardstock are from Paper Trey (Green Thumb). I will use them to death because, frankly, I don't have much of a selection.....yet. The red ink is Staz-On and the green stems are New Leaf from Paper Trey. I love the stamps because you can piece them all together. The stems and leaves are all separate, so you make it how you want it. Adorable and simple! To check out more cards from CPS challenge #115, click here.

And look what my darling friend, Bonnie, honored me with:

I'm to make a list of 7 things that make me awesummmmm and then tag 7 other awesummmmm people. I'll have to get back to it, but Bonnie, THANK YOU!


  1. I love the berries, I may have to order that, I've been wanting to try Paper Trey! We are big into strawberries and lady bugs in our house!

  2. Beth,
    This card is really eye catching. I love what you did with the sketch. Personally, I'm beginning to prefer the simpler cards and yours is a prime example why!
    Marie with a :-)

  3. Super simply but absolutely sweet!! Love the design :-)

  4. I love your clean & crisp design for the CPS sketch! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    PS I have a huge dental phobia

  5. LOVE your card! Love the colors and those adorable strawberries. Great use of that CPS sketch.

  6. What a sweet and juicy little card, Beth! I love that you used Staz-on against the white for EXTRA juicy crispness! Yumm! Great job, darlin'!


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