Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday: These are a Few of my Favorite Things

We just had our floors refinished over the weekend. Actually, the mess work started last Thursday and lasted through Saturday night with repeated applications of finish being applied to the floors. After the sanding of the floors, everything was coated with dust, but I couldn't clean it up for fear of it landing on the tacky finish and remaining there for life! So, today's tackle was to finally clean up all the mess. Here's a pic of the new floors:

I had all of my little knick knacks and keepsakes on top of our cabinets. Most of these items are passed down from my grandmother and are dear to me. I took them down before the project to keep them clean, but I was pretty mortified by how grimy they were despite my never deep frying anything! So, they needed to be cleaned, too.

Of course the Tequila could stay up there.

Here's the dusty mess before clean-up:

And here's my Tackle after:

And meanwhile, I had the chance to clean all my goodies and really have time spent with thinking of my Grandmother, Mimi. It was nice! It was cleaning and it was nice! Here's some milk glass from her collection.

And my teapots from her along with my Polish pottery collection:

And finally my teacups brought back from Korea and old, old, old plates passed down from Mimi.

I'll spare you pictures of my other favorite things up there, like the cruets from Mimi, the old cookie jar from Bruce's childhood, and the Pepsi bottle from Korea.....

I loved this tackle. I loved the time spent with my memories and rekindling the love I have for these things that reside on top of my cabinets.

Oh, and I LOVE my new floors!!

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