Tuesday, May 26, 2009

CPS #117 Sweet Pea

Ahhhh, back from a fun-filled Memorial Day Weekend of camping! Now that laundry is caught up, I had time to make this card for this week's CPS Challenge.

I just love having inspiration for a lay-out and applying it to a card I actually need!

Have a nice week, everyone!

Edited to add: Does anyone have photography tips? I have a good camera with good lenses, but my images always look so dark when I upload them to this blog. The flash even fired when I took this photo and it's still so lack-luster when uploaded. It seems everyone else has nice, bright, large images of their cards and mine look horrible. Thanks in advance if you can help!


  1. Just lovely! Maybe mine will get done tomorrow!

  2. Love the card!! And thank you for the lovely comments on my blog!

    I must tell you I have regularly been photo challenged. I will tell you this - natural light is best so if you can do it outside, you will get better photos. For inside, I had to find a place in the house where the light is close to my card. I found that it works best on my stove top as I have an overhead light. If you look on my blog, all the photos have been taken on stovetop (with backing from the cardstock!) Hope that helps a little anyway!

  3. Cute card and I so love the way you used that CPS sketch, glad you played along.

  4. Hi CUTE thing! Did you guys have a great time camping!?! Man, to be a fly on that wall for that: I bet you guys have a ball together! Tee Hee Ummmm, YOUR card is darling! I LOVE that sweet pea stamp: OMG! Such a nicely stamped, adorable card! I agree with "Vickilyn" on the natural light is best thing.. I find that anytime I can take the picture w/o flash, that's best and I'm SOOOOOO challenged myself. A friend of mine swears by any "enhance" feature you have in your photo editing software, but it scares me a bit because it can really change the color values... This sounds like the blind leading the blind: hee Hee... I know there a "famous" blog gals who offer photography tips on their blogs now and then... Ohhhh, to take pictures like Pioneer Woman!!! Anyway, doll: love the card! Fun sketch!


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