Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fibers on Friday: There's An App For That

It's Fibers on Friday and we should have TURNED HEELS IN THE NEW YEAR this week!! If you're participating in the sock challenge, and you've never knit socks before, I hope it went smoothly! I can't wait to see your progress.

I want to share a little "techy" thing I found this week. But, I'd like to preface it by saying I'm NOT techy!! In fact, when my husband got his iPhone a few years ago, I refused to even touch it. Like, I would not lay a finger on it. If it rang, I wouldn't grab it to hand it to him! I think I went a full 6 or 8 months without touching it. But recently, a terrible thing happened. My ipod AND GPS were stolen from my car (that made me LOL....I'm NOT techy). So what's a girl to do? Replace both of those gadgets or roll them into one by getting an iphone?

I went for the iPhone. The young dude at Radio Shack LAUGHED and RIDICULED me when he saw how ancient my phone was. It was funny. I was proud.

But now I have to embrace this technology. I have to remember there are lots of resources right at my fingertips. So, the other night as I was knitting my socks, I needed to track my number of rows. I was about to grab a scrap of paper, but it occured to me.....there might be an app for that!!

Low and behold, here's a free app for counting stitches and rows. It's adorable. A little confusing at first, but play around a little and it won't take long to figure out how to use it. And here ya go....if you have an iphone....I've done a little of the work for you (check out the screen shots.....oh yes, I'm high-speed!):

My search in the app store:

Install the one by KAZE and create a work list

You plug in the number of rows you need to knit (or stitches) and every time you complete a row, you tap on the little kitty in the bottom right corner and it keeps your tally.

There's even a spot for disabling the sleep function of your phone, so it will stay awake while using this app.

So, that ALONE, is worth having an iPhone, right? RIGHT!!!

And now here's my sock progress. I turned the heel

And picked up the stitches for the gussets and worked about an inch of the foot last night.

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