Monday, January 16, 2012

Chore Charts

Kinda behind the power curve, aren't I? I've never done an official chore system with my kids. They are very big helpers, but they've never gotten credit (or paid!) for their help. While I feel there are things they should be doing that are just part of life and don't deserve payment, I also feel it's time for them to earn their own spending money so they can see what it takes to SAVE and WANT and WAIT for what they want.

So, here's a chart I've implemented. I spent quite some time looking through ideas and trying to determine what would work for us. I'm not even sure this is it, but it's what we're going to try for now.

I got the frames from a thrift store and painted them this

I picked out some nice scrapbook paper and matted my chore list.

The girls each did their name and a little embellishment.

I put the glass back in the frame so they can use a dry erase marker to check off what they've done throughout the week. I've yet to decide what their allowance will be. Maybe .10 per check mark??

They were both quite excited to do their chores this morning even though last week when we were discussing the whole prospect, Paige said, "I'm not playing that game."

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