Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cake wrecks......?

I don't think so!

My darling daughters turned 4 on Friday! They requested Disney Princess cakes, so Disney princess Cakes they received! These cakes were fun to create and required much less skill than last year's Little Einsteins Cake:

The only tricky part was getting the butter cream frosting to stay firm in the 90* heat on a day my darling husband resisted turning the Ac on until wayyyyyy late in the afternoon! Juggling two tall cakes in the frig, along with all the other party food, was no small feat.

Now I wonder what they will request next year..........


  1. You did an AMAZING job...way to go.

    Can I hire you around let's say

  2. Not Cake Wrecks at all! Those are adorable and you did a great job! I've said it bfore, but I always forget how close the girls are in age to kevin. can you believe they are 4 already? Doesn't it seem like yesterday?


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